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I invited blessing to my place, after the whole cruise, see what she did to me

A man identified as one minute man has explained what he faced after inviting a lady to his place. According to him, he said the lady stole his phone, Samsung and a huge sum of money which is one hundred and seventy thousand naira. Its a surprising how a lady would do such a thing after a man invited you over to his place. If it was for fun, he must have settled her and she went ahead to also steal.

Often times, we need to be very careful as a man when we want to bring a lady over. This happens when we do not know the lady very much. If it were to be your girlfriend or someone you're familiar with, such wouldn't have happened. But bringing a stranger, one really need to be careful. For this man, he must have learnt his lessons after he was disappointed by the lady he brought home.

The man exclaimed on twitter and said the lady has taken his phone and a sum of 170 thousand naira. Says if there's anyone who recognises or know her whereabout should speak up.

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