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After 9 Months Of Labour, See What This Mother Did To Her Baby That Caused Reactions (Photos)

Children is obviously the pride of every mother but what really happens when this phenomenon turns the other way around. Every mother will certainly cherish their children after going through the pain and journey of labour for 9 months. A woman felt unconcerned as she allegedly dumped her baby on the side of the road in an undisclosed area, this lackadaisical and unconcerned attitude by the mother of this young infant made people express sadness.

Everyone wondered what could make a mother abandon her child on the street without looking back, no baby actually deserves such kind of treatment whatsoever. In accordance with what the poster said, if she couldn't keep the baby, she should have properly taken the child to an orphanage home rather than dumping the little infant on the road.

In my own opinion, the condition we find ourselves should not push us into taking bad decision. Every child deserves a comfortable life. As it was suggested, the mother ought to have requested for help probably from the government or good samaritans.

Check out some people's reactions below.What's Your take on this? Drop your opinions and like.

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