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Another conflict broke out between Yoruba and Fulani in Saki and many properties wasted

Clashes between pastoralist Fulani and farmers in western Nigeria have not stopped, with similar incidents taking place in Saki Oyo State in recent days.

According to a BBC report a Fulani man named Gurumo, a native of Burkina Faso and living in Saki for several years was stabbed to death by Fulani.

According to Alhaji Lateef Adekola who spoke to BBC Yoruba this morning as soon as the eight Bororo were killed by his children, they went to the police station before the Yoruba people heard that Bororo was dead.

Alhaji Adekola explained that the chief of police immediately took action to ensure that the situation, did not escalate into a riot in the town the police chief called a meeting but unfortunately all the Bororo had fled.

The police chief agreed to bury the body, and the matter was settled out of court, I took the police to the Bororo but no one was found.

Alhaji Adekola added that yesterday Sunday there were, rumors that the Bororo had attacked and started firing.

Adekola was abducted by gunmen they praised him they didn't shoot they shot him, he didn't come in and they started beating him with sticks and stones he said.

Saki Hospital has rejected the baby and told him not, to move to Ilorin because he has too many bones in his body.

Alhaji Adekola said so far one person has been, killed and no one else has been killed in the area.

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