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Open Letter To Gumi To Not Interfere On Case Of 300 Abducted Girls And Allow The Military Do The Job

 Dear Sheikh Gumi;

I am sure that you are definitely not happy about the present situation of the country and how these fulani bandits that you have been interceding for, has been causing series of destruction and disaster to both the country, it's economy and her citizens.

 The way you have been defending these bandits to the extent that you have once urged the government to grant them amnesty, has caused a great destruction which you cannot be able to see unless you place yourself Inside the shoes of the poor suffering masses who have been embittered over the situation.

 Your actions towards shielding these bandits and interceding on their behalf whenever they tend to abduct innocent students, which often ends at the federal government paying a ransom in order to ensure their rescue, has caused more harm than good to the country.

However, we both are aware of the recent abduction that just took place in Zamfara and how over 300 Jangebe girls were abducted by these bandits. Dear distinguished cleric, this write up is to plead with you not to interfere in this one, or venture to intercede in this very issue and allow the country's military to conduct a search and smoke out these bandits and destroy their hideouts.

 This is definitely the job of the military to carry out, interceding for bandits which implies negotiating with a terrorist is not acceptable now, please do reconsider this letter and help this country.

Open letter to Sheikh Gumi to not interfere on the case of 300 abducted Jangebe girls, and allow the military to do their job.

Are you in support of my opinion or do you have something better to suggest?

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