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As A Tenant, 3 Demands You Are Entitled To Make From Your Landlord Before Vacating His Apartment

No matter how close is the relationship between a landlord and tenant, there will always be a situation that will remind each of the party the position he or she is occupying. At the expiration of every rent, the tenant will surely come to realization that the closeness maintained with landlord does not hold water in the face of reality.

Having a good rapport with a landlord is wonderful but some house owners bank on such relationship to deny their tenants their rights and because of the levele of respect accorded him by the tenant, it will be difficult to make a demand for such right. There are certain things tenants do not need to overlook because of his relationship with landlord. 

If you are in this category, these are three key things you must demand from your landlord before vacating his house.

1. The very first thing is your refundable damages paid alongside other charges at the first year of moving into the apartment. As long as you do not damage anything in the apartment, you are entitled to the money. Unfortunately, many landlords don't refund this money. 

They always look for one excuse or the other to kill any discussion bothering on the money. They will look for something immaterial in the apartment to support their argument. If you are certained that you did not destroy anything before leaving, it is your right to claim the money. If he prove to be stubborn, get across to the lawyer that signed your agreement.

2. The second demand you should make is the reimbursement of money spent to put the apartment in order during your stay. As a tenant, it is your right to raise the standard of an apartment to your taste if you are not comfortable with the situation you met it. But there must be an agreement between you and your landlord before embarking on such a decision.

Ordinarily, it is expected of every landlord to dodge that responsibility and expect the tenant to spend his money with the promise to refund or remove it from his subsequent rent. However, in a situation where you are not renewing your rent again for another year, the landlord must make a refund of the money. You have to demand for it before you leave.

3. Lastly, your house receipt and every other thing you paid for during your tenancy must be demanded for. Some landlords are in the habit of collecting money without issuing receipt for it.

The implication of this is that if you need to get a house in another place, the new landlord may want to see an evidence that you are not actually indebted to your previous landlord before leaving. If you cannot provide it, they may think that you were ejected because of debt and by then, there will be nobody or evidence to prove your point.

As a tenant, it is your right to demand for the receipt and the other money listed above

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