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"You Took A Wrong Path To Success"- Nigerian Catholic Priest Reacts To Mary Daniel Onu's Scam Story

Last few weeks, Mary Daniel Onu went viral on social media because she was determined to make ends meet, despite her physical condition. Many Nigerians were kind-hearted to donate money to Mary Onu and just last week, we saw transformation in her life, when she celebrated her 27th birthday. Too sad to know that the story of Mary Daniel Onu is fake and was staged by her crew, in order to get attention and maybe, cash donations from Nigerians.

Since the truth was revealed, many Nigerians have reacted to Mary Onu's scam story, as always diverse reactions emanated from Nigerians. Many have condemned her, while others have asked that she should still be helped. To add his own voice to Mary Onu's scam story, a Nigerian Catholic priest, known as Reverend Father Augustine Abiagom has reacted. He took to his Facebook handle to pen down few points from her story.

He said her story was touching, which made Nigerians offer helping hands because they were stunned her willingness to work, despite her physical condition. Millions of Naira was donated and we saw the effect when she celebrated her birthday, but in no time, the table has turned and the truth has been revealed. He did not condemn her as the worst sinner on Earth, but the difference is that she has been caught in the web of her lies.

Father Augustine Abiagom said Mary Onu's scam story has made many regret their donations to her and might have vowed never to help anyone in the future. Father Augustine did not condemn her, rather he condemned her decision to become successful through a wrong path, but assured that God Almighty has forgiven her. He urged Nigerians not to condemn Mary Daniel and the Lagos State Government should help her become a better person, by releasing the funds donated to her, if possible.

Schooling Nigerians, he told them to learn that if human beings put you in a high position, there is every possibility that they will pull you down, but if God Almighty place you in an esteemed position, no man can ever bring you down. Though we are in a society full of lies, he urged that honesty should remain the best policy.

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