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Road Accident

The Airbag From OritseFemi's Car Was Not Used, But Somehow He Survived The Accident

In every situation, we have to give thanks to God. He alone holds the answers to questions that seems unanswerable.

Some hours ago, popular Nigerian musician known as Oritsefemi was involved in a ghastly accident, but somehow he survived.

(Photo Credit: BBC news Pidgin)

He took to his social media page to share his testimony as he uploaded photos of the crashed car and from observations, the airbag in the vehicle was not used, so how did he survive?

God works in a miraculous way. There are people who wouldn't survive that accident, but somehow Oritsefemi did survive.

(Photo Credit: BBC news Pidgin)

Looking closely at the photos from the accident, the car was seen to have collided into an object with speed, which made it overturn, and the window shield ripped off.

On the other hand, the driver's seat as well as the passenger was still intact as no airbag was used.

The purpose of an airbag is to reduce injury by either cushioning the occupant's contact with the interior of the vehicle or preventing contact completely.

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Oritsefemi airbag didn't eject in the course of the accident, but somehow he survived. Is there any science behind the accident, or was it just a miracle?

In the past months, the rate of road accidents have increased and cases of celebrity getting involved in an accident is now becoming rampant. Some months earlier, Crazeclown, a Nigerian comedian, was involved in an accident. The news of car crash is now becoming too much and the government need to look into the issue.

(Photo Credit: BBC news Pidgin)

The country is suffering from bad roads and also poor medical centers. We need the President to do something in ensuring the safety of the people's lives and properties.

Finally, drivers should try as much as possible to obey traffic signs, and other safety regulations like not drinking before driving to ensure safety of themselves and others.

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