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Lessons to learn, as four people were crushed to death by a tree in Ibadan

We have to be very careful these days. It was recorded that four people lost their lives in Ibadan after a tree fell. The four people died and a whole lot of properties were destroyed when the tree fell. The incident happened at the Idi Odan, Sabo in the Atiba local government of Oyo state. The victims are mostly traders and on Monday morning, it has started to rain. They went under the three to take cover not knowing that would be their end.

They went to stay under the tree and all of a sudden the tree fell. Before they would escape, they were trapped under it and they died. According to the people who spoke about the three, they said it has been there for a long time and four people had come to cut it down but were unsuccessful. The fifth was able to cut it a little before abandoning it, maybe that was the result of it finally falling. It's so sad that it had to take four people's lives. Motorcycles that were parked under it were also destroyed.

Lessons to learn from it.

We should be very careful whenever rain is falling. Though the rainy season is almost over, nonetheless we have to take precautions when it's falling and we are outside. For these people, they wanted to run from the rain before they met their death. Although it was said that the rain wasn't heavy and they just went to stay under the tree. What we should know is that, for no reason should we stay under a tree whenever rain is falling. It's not reliable and can fall at any time.

The best to do whenever rain is falling is to stay under a well-constructed shop or house. Some would also make the mistake of staying under a house that has not been completed. This is very dangerous. You don't know the condition of the house and staying under it, it can fall any time. Not even when rain is falling and there is a lot of wind. We should be very careful of this. May we not die before our time.


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Atiba Ibadan Oyo Sabo


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