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Road Accident

Prayers To Declare Against Accident & Untimely Death Before Leaving Your Home

Is there anything too big for God to do? No, there is nothing too big for him to do. He is the alpha and omega, the God above all things and the creator of the universe. God is around you all day and night and he listens to you when you call upon him for his mercy, love and favour upon your life. The reason why so many people are attacked by the devil is that they believe God is far from them and this is not true.

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Understand one thing clearly, for you to have access to God on a daily you have to open your heart to him daily. This means constant communication with God, through prayers and fellowshipping with him. Prayer is the language God understand the most and this can also open doors for you. Now, when you are active in your praying life, the devil flees from you.

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He sees you as a stronghold he cannot contend with. He sees you as Christ himself that he cannot deceive at all. The devil fears a praying Christian, he shivers when he hears that a child of God is talking to the father through prayers. Therefore, before leaving your home this Thursday morning, say these prayers against accident and untimely death below;

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* I will not die but live to fulfil destiny. I am born to rule as King, and not to die like a pig through satanic manipulation. I am a child of God, born of God and protected by God, and for this, I stand in the authority of the name of Jesus Christ that I will not die before my time and there shall be no accident as I leave my house this day.

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* No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and the Bible make me understand that the name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous runneth into it and they are saved. I am saved from all forms of road, air and water accidents in the name of Jesus Christ. Death cannot claim me untimely, because that which I have been designed and called for shall be fulfilled to the glory of God.

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* Any form of accident planned on the way for me by anyone, they shall fall victims of it in the name of Jesus Christ. I am safe, protected and guided by angels from heaven. No evil can harm me, untimely death shall not come close to me and my household.

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