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Father Of 3 Locked Up For Months For Refusing To Admit He Is A Biafran Member

A Father of 3 Identified as Mr Emeka Richmond Ngornadi have been in Police custody since April 2021, he was arrested by the DSS for Allegedly making comments about Biafrans on social media. The young Man is said to be critically sick in police detention with no hope of coming out. Mr Emeka is from Imo State and he was arrested by the DSS while he was on his way to Anambra State from Lagos. It was revealed that the DSS have been searching for him for two years.

Emeka was on his way to Anambra to go and deliver some baby items and some other food that he bought for his Pregnant wife. His wife had called him to give him information about her due date. The Wife of Mr Emeka later gave birth in June but she lost her baby sadly, the baby died due to the trauma relating to the arrest of her Husband.

The DSS that arrested him claimed that Emeka is a member of the indigenous people of Biafra, because he supported the Biafra agitators and he also condemned the security agents that killed the innocent people in the east.

According to Sahara Reporters, Emeka has developed some patches and also some rashes all over his body in the Police custody. Emeka also suffered an illness that is believed to be Malaria and also typhoid fever. He has no access to Doctors because the Police Men denied him any access to any drug or to doctors, since then his condition has become worse.

The condition of Emeka has caused his family members to be worried about his health, because his condition is bow becoming worse. Emeka is also an ulcer patient and he has been pleading with the authorities to enable him go for treatment but they turned down his request.

The fact that Emeka refused to admit to the DSS that he Is an IPOB member made his condition worse, this led to him being held in an underground cell with no access to any lawyer or family member. 

He was initially detained at the DSS office in Lagos before he was taken to its headquarters in Abuja where he was tortured and asked to admit that he was an IPOB member. As far as the DSS have refused to charge him to court, he will continue to be in detention illegally. The DSS also allegedly threatened that they will kill him if he tries to take the matter to court or if some one else takes the matter to court for him.

Emeka was told that if he wants to be free he has to admit that he is an IPOB member. Emeka refused to admit to that claim and he kept on insisting that he was not a member of IPOB, he only said he saw a post online and commented on it. It was also revealed that Emeka was tortured to the extent that his ears became blocked and he could no longer hear. 

Ever since the arrest of Emeka his family have been suffering, they have been miserable and even find it hard to feed themselves. The DSS is still using the ATM card of Emeka along with the baby clothes and goods he had with him the day of his arrest. The DSS refused to give the ATM card to his Wife to enable her feed herself and his family. Sadly Emeka does not even know that his baby died a long time ago.

Source- Sahara Reporters

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