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Why ESN Members Should Surrender Their Arms As Police Kills Another ESN Leader "Dragon" In Imo

Three IPOB members were killed by police in an unfinished building in Amaifeke Orlu, Imo state, and two others were arrested in a gun battle between police and ESN members.

Police say they mobilized and broke into the organization's hideout after receiving reports that ESN operatives were planning to launch an attack on state police formations and government facilities.

The ESN operatives opened fire on the police immediately after spotting the police in their hiding place, but the police retaliated, resulting in the death of a notorious ESN leader Chidera Nnabuhe commonly referred to as "was in" Dragon on Police Wanted List, who was the Orlu commander of IPOB/ESN, along with two other, JJ and Dadawa.

Police also arrested two other ESN members, while others fled into the bushes with gunshot wounds.

Then they found locally made weapons, 6 explosive devices, a pumping device and the only live ammunition cartridge, amulets, Biafran flags, 6 cell phones and a bag containing the clothes of the kidnapped victim, and one goat that was just slaughtered, the goat blood was drained into a container and rubbed on their bodies to defend against the police.

The murder of another ESN leader is the reason why ESN members should surrender their arms and ammunition and embrace peace as Boko Haram members confess. Also when the president visited Imo state a few days ago, he vowed to help the state government tackle state insecurity.

Few months ago, the police have managed to capture some ESN leaders. If they don't surrender now, the police will continue to raid all of their hiding places, and this will make the situation worse for ESN members

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Three members of the IPOB have been killed by the police , while 2 others were arrested in a gun battle between the police and ESN members, in an incompleted building in Amaifeke Orlu, Imo state

According to the police, they mobilised and stormed the hideout of the group, upon receiving information that the ESN members were planning to launch an attack on the police formation, and governmemt installation in the state.

The ESN members immediately opened fire on the police upon spotting the police at their hideout, but the police returned fire, which led to the death of A Notorious ESN leader, Chidera Nnabuhe, the Orlu sector Commander of IPOB/ESN, popularly known as "Dragon", who has been on the police wanted list for months, along with 2 others J.J and Dadawa.

The police also arrested 2 other ESN members while other escaped into the bush with bullet wounds.

They then recovered locally made guns, 6 explosives devices, a pump action and sole live cartridges, charms, Biafran flags, 6 mobile phones, and a bag containing male clothes of a kidnapped victim, and a goat which has just been slaughtered with blood drained into a container and rubbed on their body for fortification against the police.

The killing of yet another ESN leader is a reason why ESN members should surrender their arms and ammunition just like the repentant Boko Haram members and embrace peace. It's even worse now that the presidency promised to help the state government fight insecurity in the state, on his visit to imo state few days ago,

Over the past few months, the police have successfully captured a good number of ESN leaders. If they do not surrender now, things may become worse for ESN if the police keep raiding all their hideouts.

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