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Road Accident

Lessons all Nigerians Should Learn From Reckless Driver Who Killed 3 People in Ogun State

Sometimes when I look at people driving recklessly, I wonder if they really know the kind of damage this can cause. Driving is a risk and failure to do it carefully will lead to the death of many. If this man had driven carefully, I am sure this won't have happened. Now he has killed 3 people because of his careless.

According to reports on Instablog, a reckless driver killed three people in Ogun state. You need to see how people crowded the venue of the incident and some were throwing stones at the car. Below are some screenshots from this video:

I think this should serve as a lesson to all Nigerians.

Below are Lessons all Nigerians Should Learn From Reckless Driver Who Killed 3 People in Ogun State:

Avoid Rushing: Rushing have led to a lot of unimaginable things in our society. Many accidents happens as a result of rush. I will advise Nigerians to avoid Rushing when carrying out their daily activities to avoid unimaginable disasters. While driving, drive slow and steady. Rushing will do you no good at all but rather will cause accident.

Obedience is better than sacrifice: The government have laid down some safety precautions to enable all to drive orderly. This including no over speeding, drive on your Lane and many others. It is better to obey all these laws than disobey. As long as life is involved in anything, there is no amount of money that can replace that life. Learn to obey. I pray may the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

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