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3 Mistakes That Could Lead to Arrest of The People Who Set Joe Igbokwe's House on Fire

Joe Igbokwe recently claimed that his house in Nnewi was set on fire by some men. While videos of the affected building have since gone viral, the assailants made three mistakes that may lead to their arrest by the law enforcement agencies.

You may have heard of Joe Igbokwe. He is a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a government official in Lagos State. Joe has often been vocal about his support for his political party and leaders of the said party, and it has earned him popularity over time. Recent reports reveal that Joe's house in Nnewi, Anambra State, was burnt down by some men.

The first mistake that may lead to the arrest of the arsonists is the quantity of petrol reportedly used in setting the house on fire. Reporting the attack on his building, Joe Igbokwe hinted that the assailants may have used a significant quantity of petrol in setting his building on fire. Igbokwe pointed out that they arrived at the crime scene in a van with jerrycans of petrol that they offloaded from their van. Security officers may trace the purchase of the petrol used to commit the crime during their investigation.

The second mistake that may lead to the arrest of the assailants that attacked Joe Igbokwe's house is the CCTV cameras at the affected building. While reporting the incident, Joe Igbokwe pointed out that he saw the attackers and their activities through the CCTV cameras installed in his house. Footages from security cameras have assisted in solving many criminal cases in Nigeria. If Igbokwe submits the CCTV footage to the police, details from the video could lead to the arrest of the assailants.

The third mistake that could lead to the arrest of the arsonists that set Igbokwe's house on fire is that the victim pointed out that he could see the van they used during the operation on his CCTV footage. Igbokwe went as far as naming the brand of the vehicle used by the attackers. Security officers may be able to trace the car seen in the video footage and apprehend the arsonists.

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