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A Woman Identified As Aderonke Shares Some Safety And Security Tips For Nigerians

The security situation in Nigeria is far from over. Citizens do not find peace, relaxation and happiness. Kidnappings, armed robberies, herdsmen clashes, violence by gunmen and many others have been and always are common in this country. People are shouting, crying, dying, begging for mercy, suffering, but there seems to be no concern about all of these from celebrities; Of course this is why the Yoruba and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are scrambling for secession as they see this movement as the best and the only solution to end these conditions.

A few hours ago, a woman identified as Aderonke Lucia took to Facebook's The Fans Of Sunday Igboho Oosa to send an important message to Nigerians, outlining 21 precautions to be taken in the coming weeks. arrival.

1. Do not report Fulani herdsmen to the police, you do not know who sent them.

2. Just take the inhibition step.

3. Do not leave a mark behind.

4. Leave the workplace as soon as possible.

5. Take care of any stranger who is among you, do not trust anyone.

6. Do not intervene on homework.

7. Each town / village should have a vigilante group.

8. Never gather in a public place for any discussion, sit outside.

9. Educate yourself and be prepared for emergencies, never fall asleep without protective gear.

10. Be obedient to the pets, if you have them, they will inform you of some dangers.

11. Use whistles or irons to enlighten everyone.

12. Respond quickly to reduce injury, but in a group.

13. You always have a Walkie-Talkie, especially at night.

14. Isolate your enemy and die; Deal with your enemies and live.

15. Be observant of your emotions, take care of your environment.

16. Do not just eat or drink everything you buy from them. You can sleep later and wake up in Paradise or Hell.

17. Follow one leader, one leader. Enough is confusing.

18. Always be loyal to yourself and be prepared for battle.

19. Just talk, be prepared.

20. Stop further campaigning.

21. Let us go and defend our homeland.

The war is real and famous. They are behind us, our land and our resources.

See her position below.

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