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Fiction: How My Fiancee Parent Arrested and Detained Me For Saving Their Daughter's Life

It really surprised me when I was arrested for the favour I did for a friend of mine. She was a very good friend of mine. We always did things together.

The only problem was that her parents were not happy that we were together. They tried every possible means to separate the both of us, but it never worked out. She was ill and it was beyond medical treatment I thought she would even die. Her parents were even confused about the situation. Then i asked her if she trusted me, and she said she did. I told her I would take her to the place where the greatest healer dwells.

I took her to my church and made her situation known to my pastor who confirmed it was a spiritual case. We had to go on three days fasting and prayer for her case. After the three days fasting and prayer to the glory of God she was healed.

I was very happy. She returned home and told her parents about how God healed her. I thought by saving their daughter her parents would change toe way they looked at me. But to my greatest surprised. They arrest me and charged me for kidnapping.

Their daughter was not happy about it at all. She did everything possible and got me out of the police custody.

Now we have both left to a far place where we can no be by her parents to start up a new life together.

My question is, what we did by leaving the area to a place were we cannot be discovered,356 is it a good decision?

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