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If You Are Still Using Pressure Pots, Please Read This

Today, I want to talk about Pressure Cooker Explosion.

Some thing happened in my home late last month that inspired this post.

We use pressure cooker in my family. Pressure cookers are convenient and very fast equipment used in cooking meals especially to soften hard and tough recipes but never had we ever had any explosion or casualty.

But last month, while cooking my tripe, tough cow skin and offal for peppersoup using pressure pot, my pressure pot exploded and broke my kitchen ceiling and some of the meat flew into the ceiling.

It was a terrifying experience for for me and it was during my research that i was able to know what really happened that day.

That is why I decided to enlighten you about pressure pot and how to avoid pressure cooker explosion.

The first thing to do to avoid pressure cooker explosion is to know what can cause explosion during its usage.

I will group them into two, namely:

a) Faulty equipment

b) Precautionary Measures

Faulty Equipment

To avoid pressure cooker explosion, make sure that the equipment itself is not faulty.

I noticed that the modern pressure pots of these days have safety mechanism. There is no way you can open the pot or remove the metal Cork until the steam within the pot has been reduced.

So before you start using the pressure cooker to avoid explosion, first, ensure that the rubber gasket on your pressure cooker is dry and has no crack.

Check the picture below to know which is which

Also, make sure that the vents are not blocked. Even if it is blocked, run some warm water through them to open again. Follow the instruction on the leaflet once the pressure cooker parts are in good condition.

Precautionary Measures

1. Never ignore the instructions/leaflet that come with it

2. Never you try to open pressure cooker while it's still very hot, you may not live to tell the story. If you must open it, first cool it under a running tap to get the pressure down. 

3. Make sure that you have adequate water level when cooking with a pressure pot.

4. Do not overstuff the pot while cooking. 

5. Please, do not cook at the wrong temperature.

Have you ever had any pressure cooker accidents? Share with us.

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