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These 2 "Big Boys" Were Caught Trying To Pay For Food With "Fake Alert", See What Later Happened

The issue of fake credit alert has been quite rampant for some time now. Dubious people have deviced a way to scam unsuspecting vendors by issuing a fake credit alert after buying goods worth a lot of money. The scammers formulate a credit alert as though it were the real one from your bank and before you would realize that it is fake, the scammers must have already made way with the goods.

A video was shared online and in the video, 2 handsome, young "Big Boys" were caught in a restaurant trying to pay for food with using a fake alert. According to the guy who narrated the video, the food they bought was worth over N10,000. The person who narrated the video stated that the two boys drove a luxurious car to the restaurant and he was shocked that they ended up trying to scam the salesperson by issuing a fake alert.

Immediately the 2 boys were caught, the restaurant management quickly informed the police and when the police arrived, the 2 boys were put in handcuffs and taken away to the police station.


This video however elicited mixed reactions. While some people condemned the boy for their act, others blamed 'peer pressure' for such an act.

Dear reader, if you know you operate a business, please be very careful when it comes to credit alerts. Make sure you check your banking app to see if the amount has reflected in your account balance before you allow any customer leave.

Have you ever experienced such a thing before? Please share your experience and advice in the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: Sensei00 (via Opera News )

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