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African River Holds The World's Deepest River Title, also Second Longest River In Africa.

A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. In some cases a river flows into the ground and becomes dry at the end of its course without reaching another body of water.Rivers are part of the hydrological cycle .

Water generally collects in a river from precipitation through a drainage basin from surface runoff and other sources such as groundwater recharge, springs , and the release of stored water in natural ice and snowpack. Potamology is the scientific study of rivers, while limnology is the study of inland waters in general.

OH well there are over thousand Rivers around the world, and there are those who made name for themselves by Standing out for one specific thing they only them posses, like maybe Biggest river, largest river, longest river, hottest river and so on, so with all that said, today I'll be enlightening us on the Deepest River in the World. 

The Congo River ( Kongo: Nzâdi Kôngo, French: Congo fleuve , Portuguese : Rio Congo), formerly also known as the Zaire River , is the second longest river in Africa , shorter only than the Nile, as well as the second largest river in the world by discharge volume, following only the Amazon . It is also the world's deepest recorded river, with measured depths in excess of 220 m (720 ft). [2] The Congo- Lualaba-Chambeshi River system has an overall length of 4,700 km (2,920 mi), which makes it the world's ninth- longest river .The Chambeshi is a tributary of the Lualaba River , and Lualaba is the name of the Congo River upstream of Boyoma Falls, extending for 1,800 km (1,120 mi).

River Congo is the only major river to cross the equator twice.The Congo Basin has a total area of about 4,000,000 km 2(1,500,000 sq mi), or 13% of the entire African landmass.

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