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RAPE: Man Bags 897 Years Jail-Term.

On December 18, in the Northern California, a serial rapist was sentenced to 897 years in prison for numerous offences -- of which rape is number one. 

In November, Roy Charles Waller (a.k.a., NorCal Rapist), 60, was convicted on a 46-count charge by a Sacramento jury. This charge were for series of offences on nine women within the period of fifteen years (1991 - 2006). And all the nine women testified against him in the court of law -- which eventually lead to his conviction.

From the statement of the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office, he was convicted of crimes like forcible rape, kidnapping, oral copulation, sodomy and foreign penetration.

It was gathered that Waller carried out his distasteful act in a very ferocious manner. According to report, in many occasions, Waller would forcefully gain access into victims' homes, tie them up and assault them sexually. And in some other instances, he would kidnap his victims and rob them of their belongings. 

However, since 2006, it took 12 years to get a satisfactory evidence against Waller, and, actually, it took the help of Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG).

According to the district attorney's office, in September 2018, Wallers unknowingly left a biological evidence at a crime scene of one of his numerous victims who he had sexually assaulted. This biological evidence was used to develop a specialized DNA profile -- a move that finally landed Waller in prison.

After the feat was attained, to the prosecutor, Waller was arrested a few days later at his residence in Berkeley.

In the words of Waller's defense attorney, Joe Farina, in November, ‘‘it didn't matter what I did.’’

‘‘it was a DNA case. We could not overcome the fact that his DNA was at nearly all the crime scenes,’’ he continued.

Although, Waller still plans to appeal the conviction, as he claims not guilty of the charges levied against him. Even after the nine victims and others -- retired officers, sexual assault forensic nurse examiners and detectives -- presented themselves as witnesses against him.

According to the district attorney, the justice came about after the witnesses have become old, as most of them are now in their 80's.

In the district attorney's office speech, in their new release, 

‘‘the victims waited for decades for justice and it was only through the use of IGG that the identification and arrest of Waller was possible.

‘‘the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office would like to thank the original detectives from agencies in each jurisdiction on this case who never gave up pursuing the offenders.’’

It might take long to apprehend a culprit but one day, they will be caught and punished. Eventually, justice will be served.

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