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Meet 2 Women Who Almost Lost Parts Of Their Bodies

We have several people who have tried to end their lives due to several reasons, some of these people were victims of people who tried to commit suicide but unfortunately they lost parts of their bodies in the process. We will be talking about two women who almost lost parts of their bodies due to suicide attempt in this article.


Katie Stubblefield

Katie is a young and beautiful lady who went through several challenges in life, it was reported that she is the youngest patient in the United States to receive face transplant.

According to reliable source, Towards the last year of her high school, Kate suffered from health issues and her parents also lost their jobs but things became worst when her boyfriend broke up with her in 2014. Katie who was fed up with the challenges decided to end her life so she left school early and drove over to her elder brother's apartment then she took his gun and shot her face.

Her brother and mother quickly rushed her to the hospital but the damage had already been done and her beautiful face was destroyed.

Katie Spent several months in the hospital and she undergone about 17 surgeries before she was discharged from the hospital. Katie was Eighteen years old at that time but three years later when she was 21 years old she undergone face transplant and she became the youngest person to undergo face transplant in the US.

Today Katie is now looking very different and she is using her story to inspire people who are thinking of committing suicide.

Checkout Her Before And After Photo Below

More Photos Of Katie


Haven Shepherd

Haven who is a beautiful Swimmer was just one year old when she lost her legs. According to reliable source, her parents went through a lot of challenges before they decided to end their lives. Her parents got a bomb, tied it to their bodies and positioned Haven in their middle but fortunately, Haven was miraculously flown out of the apartment before the bomb exploded. Unfortunately, her parents died in the bomb blast and she was rushed to the hospital but her legs were amputated in the process.

Despite all Haven went through, she has grown into a very beautiful and successful woman. She is currently a professional Swimmer and Model who is using her story to motivate people in different places in the World.

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Her Recent Photos

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