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3 Things House Owners Should Be Careful Of As Alhaji Was Arrested For Selling A House That's Not His

A man known as Alhaji Haruna Husseini has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) for claiming and selling off a house in Abuja for 30 million naira. According to reports, he claimed to be the owner of a building at No. 167 Ketempe District in Abuja. He sold it and collected a sum of 30 million naira which led to him being sent to prison after he was caught.

Property owners should be very careful to avoid anyone selling their properties without their consent. This is the main reason why people boldly write "This property is not for sale" on their plot of land or any of their property. The man was arrested and put in prison for fraudulent activity. So, as a property owner, (especially those whose properties are very close to the road) you should be very careful to avoid your property being sold by someone else.

1. Be careful of where your land, building, and any of your property are located. Don't joke with your property, let people around the area know that you are the rightful owner of the property before someone else claims it. Don't ever be careless about it, you can visit the place from time to time to know what's going on with your property. It is very important, no doubt about that.

2. Always put a sign that shows that it is not for sale, and don't ever procrastinate about it, because you might regret it later if you do procrastinate. You might have seen several signs alerting people that a particular property is not for sale. If you are too careless and fail to do that, your property might be sold in a twinkling of an eye, so be careful.

3. Don't disclose the location of your expensive property to anyone, not even your friend, just keep your things at low key. If you reveal it to anyone very close to you, he might plan on how to sell it off without you knowing. He might even break into your house to steal your property papers. Especially if he knows where you keep your documents. To avoid all these, you just have to reduce the way to tell people about your personal life, because it has led to many people's early grave. Please be wise. Thanks for reading, like, share and follow me up.

Content created and supplied by: Miracleikwor (via Opera News )

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