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Two Business Lessons to Learn From the Suspect Who Delivers Guns For N1,000 Each.

A suspect identified as Habib Sani recently confessed that he worked as a delivery man for a local gun fabricator to the Guffanti area. However, aside from the N16,000 cost of manufacturing the guns, another thing that drew people's attention to Habib's story is his business approach.

While gun smuggling is a criminal offence and illegal business (this article is not an endorsement for gun smuggling), some business lessons from Habib's story are discussed.

He did not calculate his risk factor before charging the amount. The suspected criminal risked his life by transporting arms for delivery at the rate of N1000 per gun. Habib has no delivery licence, and even if he does, arms delivery is not the legal job given to a civilian. Habib got arrested with 14 guns. The suspect put his life, name and safety on the line for the sum of N14,000. A smart business person will calculate the risks involved before charging for his services. Even motorcycle delivery riders who do not deliver firearms or illegal items are more paid than Habib for their services. Habib's story teaches us that one's ability to provide a service is not the only thing one considers in operating a business. An individual should also consider other factors before charging fees. Perhaps he was enticed by the total sum of N14,000 instead of considering all he had to lose.

Habib could have rendered legal services to earn more than N14000. The 25-year-old man could have invested his time in rendering more profitable businesses. Habib could have worked as a bricklayer, farmworker, or factory worker, and he could have earned more than the said N14000 without landing him in the situation he has found himself. Hard work is a vital quality of every business person. Experts have often advised against immediate gratification as it often makes people desperate and gears them towards illegal activities. Perhaps, Habib was more interested in getting the N14,000 that he couldn't calculate the risks he was putting himself through. A smart business person tries to make money within the limits of the law, as one could lose all monetary profit and more things while trying to make money through illegal means.

Content created and supplied by: Adegorioye (via Opera News )

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