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Why Serving Corp Members Shouldn't Be Expressing Dissatisfaction Over The Food Given To Them In Camp

A recent video which has gone viral captured the moment a serving corp member in Bauchi State displayed the food given to them as breakfast in camp. The serving corper who was kitted preparing for the early morning parade revealed that they were served a slice of yam the previous day as dinner and advised those who don't have money not to come to NYSC orientation camp, because they may not be able to eat to their satisfaction.

[Credit: Instablog9ja]

As interesting as this thing sounds, I believe it is a normal thing because even when I was a serving corper, I also experienced such thing. The 3-week orientation camp is not a place where one eats to his satisfaction, but it is a place where one is prepared for the task ahead and that is why I feel serving corp members should not be expressing dissatisfaction over the food given to them in camp.

Even when one goes for a prayer camp in church, you will agree with me that you eat less and pray more, same applies to the NYSC orientation camp as you are expected to learn more things, and be prepared for the task ahead, eating to your satisfaction may have a way to slow down your learning process; you can fall asleep while the SAED training program is going on.

Another reason why I feel serving corp members should not express dissatisfaction over the food given to them in camp is due to the fact that they are not in their homes where they can get whatever they want, the camping is a phase in a man's life and most times for you to get the best out of something, you must deprive yourself of food, pleasure and even sleep sometimes.

What did you experience at the NYSC orientation camp when you served your fatherland?

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