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Pregnant Woman Who Refused To Deliver Through CS & Her Unborn Child Dead — Twitter User

Frankly speaking, death do come to different people through different means. However, the instances of some deaths can be attributed to self-destruction on the part of the victims.

When a man/woman takes an uncivilized decision at the point of death, and it turns out against him/her, people usually refers to such a person as the major cause of such calamity.

To be realistic, one should be able to listen to important advice at all times, most especially when you are under a situation that can affect your ability to reason properly. In some instances, been adamant could result in irreparable damage. This was the exact situation of a pregnant woman as narrated by a Twitter user some moments ago on her handle.

According to a Twitter user who is simply known on the social media App as Iyalaya, a pregnant woman who was in labor for a whole week and her unborn child are dead.

Revealing the incident of the death of mother and child on the social media platforms, the lady says, despite her appeal to the pregnant woman a week ago to go for cesarean section (CS) in order to have a safe delivery, the woman refused to adhere to her advice.

She explained further that, even the advice/plea from the husband to go for the operation to avert the deadly situation was turned down by the late pregnant woman/wife on the ground that, she doesn't want to deliver her child through CS operation.

I called her yesterday to know how she is doing, and the husband informed me that, she and the baby couldn't make it, the Twitter user narrated on her handle. See the tweet below:

Let me say this here for the sake of emphasis. Do not at any point in time, doubt advice from media experts whenever you are facing health challenges. It is not only deadly to you as an individual, but can also put your relatives in an unnecessary panicking situation. The innocent ones could also be harmed as well.

In the case of this very one, the life of the baby may have been saved if the mother listen to the advice of her friend, husband, and the medics.

May Almighty God not allow us to take uncivilized decisions that will become deadly to us, and the innocent ones around us!

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