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From Grass To Grace, See New Photos Of The Woman Spotted Hawking Bottled Water On The Streets

A few days ago the photos of this young woman hawking canned water on the streets went viral on social media. She was praised for not picking bowls to beg rather finding something to do to earn living. Seeing her condition as she was sweating under the punishing sun would make me sympathise with her. 

Her photos touched many Nigerians on social media who helped to share them till it got to the good Samaritans. First, it was Uche Nwosu and his friends who visited the girl in Lagos and raised 1 million naira for her to start up a provisional business in her area in Lagos. 

Since then other good Samaritans had extended their help to the young woman. It is therefore interesting to state here that her life had never been the same again after her encounter with her destiny helpers. 

Daniel Mary who hails from Anyingba Local Government areas of Kogi State had an accident when she was 11 years old. This bad development led to the amputation of her right leg. However, since she came of age, she has been taking care of her family despite her condition.

There is one thing we should never underestimate here: don't underrate the power of social media. You could imagine life without social media, who would have put her photos on Facebook and Twitter? Many wouldn't have known that there is someone who needs to be helped.

Her story is that should encourage lazy ones to sit up and find something doing. It doesn't matter what you are doing right now, what matters is that it is putting food on your table. What matters is that you are not depending on someone who would use your condition to insult and belittle you someday.

There are a lot of Mary Daniel in our streets today, breaking the back of the earth to find the burnt meaning of life. I hope they find their destiny helpers like Mary Daniel.

There is something we should take from Mary's new photos. Poverty can make someone look ugly and shattered. Check her new photos and the old ones you would discover the difference is massive. Money stops all nonsense and expels ugliness and all forms of poverty. 

Congratulations to Mary Daniel for smiling again.

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