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Opinion: Government Should Declare State Of Emergency On Kidnapping

One sign of a failed or failing society is paralysis of law and order, a complete break down of the conventional and enthronement of the bizarre.

The Nigerian socio-economic ecosystem has witnessed such anarchical order in recent years. It is the elevation of a special variant of crime to one huge industry.

It is called abduction; Kidnapping- the cruel act of turning captives to cash. And damn, the Nigerian citizens have looked helpless in the face of this new trade.

Kidnappers are the new big boys in town. In the beginning, we were afraid of robbers, who broke into homes in ungodly hours of night and robbed their victims; we were afraid of robbers on the highways; afraid of pickpockets in brimming "Molue" buses.

These days, our community, state, country is under the siege of unrepentant kidnappers. They enter our houses, schools, offices, hostels, staff quarters taking away our fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts and children to dingy places in thick forests and shanties and asking us to pay money in millions in lieu of their lives.

The more we pay, the more they abduct. The hoodlums in our society have kidnapped all manner of persons: the poor, the not-so-poor and the rich and the not- so- rich.

Just like two weeks ago, they have wrecked great havocs on the travellers taking Ondo- Ekiti states axis to Abuja dating the presence of military officers on these roads.

It is a pity, some people have come to see Kidnapping for ransom as one of the most profitable ventures in Nigeria. The rate at which people are being robbed or kidnapped these days particularly in the South-west, South-East and South-south parts of Nigeria. As a matter of fact, there is no spare place for these hoodlums to operate.

On Tuesday, 2nd November, at 1am, some suspected bandits attacked the staff quarters located in Giri area of the Federal Capital Territory and kidnapped 4 staff members of the University of Abuja and 2 children.

These 6 people were forcefully ordered into the forest by these criminals on sighting the security operatives.

Indeed, the country's security challenges are a threat the goverment- state, federal- will do well to address, if the country is to be seen to make progress as there can be no meaningful development in a land where people do not feel safe.

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