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How Your WhatsApp Account Can Get Hacked

Many complain today of their WhatsApp account being hacked, but the question is; was your WhatsApp account really hacked?

The fact is that your WhatsApp was never hacked. You were only tricked into giving out your WhatsApp account to an unauthorized third party.

Hacking WhatsApp itself is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, even if it was done, your account won’t be the only target.

Ways Your WhatsApp Account Gets Stolen From You

1. Through Social Engineering

Social engineering is a common way most online account stealing is done these days. Gone are the days when you will expect a scammer to call asking you to send your OTP or 2-Factor code. Scammers have found subtle ways of getting you to deliver the code to them without you noticing.

The number one way they can do that is through a free online class, voting, promo, or grant registration. In this process, the scammer will get you to fill a form through which they will try to reset your account. Then a code will be sent to your phone making you think that the code sent is still part of the ongoing registration process. This way you will willingly give out your secret code without any suspense.

Another way scammers can take over your account is through call forwarding codes. In this case, a scammer might send out a chat message to many asking them to dial a code like this one here **61*0831234567# on their phones for them to get free mobile data or airtime. Luckily to the scammer, many will fall victim to the trick without knowing that the code is to forward their incoming calls to the scammer’s phone.

Most times, the scammer might go the extra miles of fulfilling the mobile data or airtime promised. This is to make the victim recommend more of their friends to fall prey.

Then the scammer will target when the victim is asleep to reset their WhatsApp account. This time, the scammer will use voice calls as an option to receive your OTP code. Then, due to your calls had been diverted to the scammer’s phone, he will be able to receive the call on your behalf. Boom! your WhatsApp is gone.

2. Through DNS Spoofing or Poisoning

This is a tactic where a hacker tricks you into visiting a fake WhatsApp website without you knowing.

One way a hacker can do this is through DNS poisoning. In this case, the hacker might write an executable code file that when you click on it will change your system hosts files content.

Therefore, whenever you try to visit the WhatsApp website on your computer, you will be redirected to the hacker’s fake website. This fake website by the hacker will also be containing a fake QR code.

So, whenever you intend to set up your WhatsApp account on your computer; you will end up giving it out to a hacker.

Another way this can be done is by a hacker sending you a phishing link of a website resembling the WhatsApp website. Thereby deceiving you into scanning the fake QR code on the website with your WhatsApp web.

How to Prevent WhatsApp Account Hacking

In order to remain safe from scammers and hackers online, you will have to learn not to trust anyone online, always verify.

Don’t be quick to dial USSD codes like the one used for call forwarding above if you don’t know what they are used for. Do not rely on what the sender said it is used for. They might trick you.

To cancel call forwarding and all call diverts on your phone, dial the code ##002# on your phone.

Another way to stay safe is to avoid downloading files that have a .exe file extension from an untrusted source. Also, avoid downloading phone apps outside the phone app stores.

Also, be mindful of links you click, they might lead you to a malicious website.

Content created and supplied by: TheAmazingWriter (via Opera News )

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