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The ill- effect of rape in young girl's life

what's rape :

Rape is when sexual intercourse is un- consesual i.e not agreed up or forcing of the opposite sex to have sex ...

effects of Rape :

1. Reproductive disorders

2. Miscarriage

3. Sexual disorders

4.infertility. e.t.c

types of rape :

1. Date rape : this is a non- domestic rape committed by someone who knows the victim

2. Gang rape : this happen when a group of people gather together to rape a single victim.

3. Spousal rape : this happens when the husband forcefully have sex with the wife without her consent .

4.prison rape : this actually happens to people of the same sex and it happens in the prison.

5. War rape: this is committed by soldiers during war or soldiers activities and sometimes by civilians during war

6. Corrective rape

7. Rape by deception and so on ....

The ill-effect of rape in young girls life

  Whether agreed or not, the girl child has always been at the lowest rung of ladder in the society. Not only that she has been a subject to her categories.More often then acknowledged; she has suffered ridicule, molestation and dehumanization of diverse magnitude. Perhaps, one of the biggest threat to the girl child's life Is the evil called RAPE. ,an effect that has facilitated the downfall of many females. The evil called rape according to research has endangered 50% of the young adult called female. And the ones who are not endangered physically are emotionally down and the can cause the shortage of their existence. The rest of this write-ups under scores the ill effect of rape in the life of young girl's.. so please let's work together to put an end to this wicked act .

Say no to rape

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