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Nedu's 4 points disclaimer:One thing that was observed as he denied, forcefully taking his kids away

Online air personality Nedu has been online recently after his former wife called him out for not taking care of his kids, and also for forcefully taking them from her custody.

In a 4 points disclaimer he gave, he denied not taking care of his and also added that the decision to take his children was a unanimous one, which his ex-wife duly signed, as against the news flying around. He also went on to advise not only her, but also her sisters/cousins to follow suit.

See link below:

His wife seems to have the backing of her sisters/cousins:

A tree, they say, can never make a forest, as it probably needs the support of others. I've come to realise that before a family fails, the decision doesn't just come from one party, but perhaps others around them, who one of them does go to for counsel.

For Nedu to also call out her sisters means that she's aware that they could be the ones supporting her to carry on with what she's doing, which their reasons could be right in their eyes, or wrong to others. Every marriage has its own challenges, but it becomes worse when outsiders seem to be dictating what's happening in the marriage for the couple.

As he's cleared the air, we sincerely hope that it doesn't linger too much because of their kid's health, added to the fact that they are now separated.

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