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How Parents, Religious Leaders & Government Can Solve The Problem Of Insecurity In Nigeria

The incessant case of banditry in Nigeria has claimed the lives and properties of people across the Northern State. Despite the presence of heavy security operatives across those states, bandits are still snicking in to carry out their nefarious attacks against the people. But what is the root of banditry in Nigeria? The spread of banditry in Nigeria is new to many Nigerians, and they want to know who to blame, is it the government, religion, or parent?

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It is not escapist balderdash to tell anyone that banditry in the North is the fault of parents or homes, but it is petitely correct to say so because the home is the first place a child learns. When a child is given birth and not taken care of, they become a nuisance in the society. They are used by people of desire to carry out their nefarious activities such as banditry and terrorism. The home has a lot of responsibility to play in resolving the issue of banditry in Nigeria.

Although, it is irrational to state that banditry is caused by a lack of home training. Because these homes have been made by series of dysfunctional administrations, at formal and informal levels, to date. When has the child become the sole responsibility of the home? Was it the home alone that controlled the life of a child in the community? The answer is no.

Religious leaders are responsible for organizing society. Those days, the Mosques and Churches were more powerful and influential than the home in controlling and molding the character of the child for good. When a child is rude, he/she is reported to these religious leaders that mold the child's into a God-fearing person.

What about the government? Government is the greatest culprit in the disorganization of Nigerian society today; it holds the strongest ace among the integral parts that create a healthy society. Leaders have refused to distribute wealth equitably among homes and narrowed national and local opportunities to themselves, their families and friends.

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