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Divorce Affair

"I Cheated on my Wife With Another Woman And Infected Her With HIV, She Died After 3 Days" Man Cries

Irungu is a single father of three kids and he has been living with HIV/Aids for twenty two years. He got infected with the virus after he cheated on his wife with another woman.

Irungu ran into his ex-girlfriend, who was in town. When they reignited their previous passions, he took the decision to deceive his wife. To avoid this, they took advantage of an available hotel room and spent the night together with with out condoms.

He had no idea that his first contact with HIV/AIDS would be so life-changing. He returned home, where he unknowingly infected his faithful his wife. After two years, his wife had a mystery illness that required urgent medical attention.

"Unfortunately, she was tested for HIV/AIDS for the third time after doctor's several tests, the results came back positive. The shock of hearing the news quickly took her life. I'm sorry for spreading it to her." Mr Nahashon was caught red-handed, he admitted.

He was likewise contaminated when he was tested. His ex-girlfriend said that she was the one who infected him with the fatal illness.

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Mr Nahashon has been infected with HIV for 22 years now. He tells his story to warn married men against making the same blunder as he did in the beginning.

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