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Open letter to Nigerians on insecurities

Over years now, insecurities has been the problem that Nigeria is facing. There have been several attempts to end these insecurities but all to no avail. Maybe before 2009, we would say Nigeria was at least a bit peaceful. Before 2009, when the Boko Haram issue emerged, the problem has been with who would rule Nigeria. When Boko Haram emerged in 2009, everything changed.

Boko Haram became bloody in the Northern part of Nigeria, leaving the Southern and Eastern part of Nigeria. We thought the rest were safe but it's only a small time before it would spread throughout the country. Now we do not only have Boko Haram disturbing Nigeria. We have the likes of the herdsmen, the bandits and some gunmen.

These people are responsible for all kinds of menaces and evil. They are so much disturbing Nigeria as we speak that there's no meaningful development in Nigeria again. As we know, when there's no security, having a meaningful development would be difficult. This is exactly what is happening to Nigeria.

Innocent people are being killed. Those who would go about their daily activities find it difficult to do so. This is because of the fear of the perpetrators of these evils. Farmers find it difficult to farm, rich people are not safe as they can be kidnapped anytime. The issue of Fulani herdsmen disturbing farmers.

With all these problems in view, the only way out is to look for a way out of the mess. How can we stop insurgencies in Nigeria. How can we stop Boko Haram, bandits and gunmen who have become a problem to Nigeria?

A lot of people have suggested that Nigerians must fall apart before there would be peace. As good this may seems, if Nigeria must fall apart before there would be peace, then we have faile as a country. Nigeria is a whole indivisible country and thinking of separating Nigeria is thinking to have failed already.

America has more parts than Nigeria, still they are working together and there's nothing. The problem with Nigeria is not that we separate but that there should be fair and equal representation of people all over sensitive positions in Nigeria. Also, the issue of insecurities is one of the major pusher for a separate Nigeria. The truth is that federal government are trying to curb this but our present president seems to be too conservative rather than rather towards his approach to insecurities.

As we know, our government has tried different means to curb this menaces in the country. All to no avail. They decided to grand pardon to all repentant Boko Haram, unfortunately, this didn't work. After they must have repented, they would turn and return to their old ways again. Of course, this they would do after they must have been given a huge sum of money to start something new. The money would be in turn used to purchase ammunitions.

Clearly, granting pardon to repentant bandits or Boko Haram wouldn't work. These people are evil and going by what El-Rufai said, the only way is to totally eradicate them. They don't need to be pitied. They have killed innocent Nigerians to be granted pardon or freed to move about in the society.

While this is done to all perpetrators of evils in Nigeria, it is important we take our mind of a separate country. Nigeria is good as one and should in no respect be divided. There's a lot we stand to lose if Nigeria separates.

Content created and supplied by: Ojoseph (via Opera News )

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