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Road Accident

"When Will People Start Going Down For Negligence" - Siruti Reacts To Train Accident In Lagos

Nollywood actor, Uti Nwachukwu, popularly known as Siruti has reacted to the news of a Brt Bus that was hit by a train in Lagos state this morning. He felt nigligence led to the accident.

A video shared by Linda Ikeji on Instagram shows people gathered around the Bus that was hit by a Train. The bus was left in a very bad condition. People were still inside injured, and were trying to get down from the bus.

Siruti after seeing the video said, "Who is going to answer for this! When will people start going down for negligence like this". The actor is blaming someone for negligence because it's an accident that's avoidable. 

The question that will pop in one's mind after reading such news is how the bus driver get to stay on a Train track while Train was approaching. Only the driver could properly explain what led to the accident or why he stayed on a Train track while the train was approaching.

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