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The President And His Wife Who Were Killed By Firing Squad

Many years back, on the day of Christmas, in the year 1989, Romanian autocrat Ceausescu Nicolae, and Elena, his wife, were killed by a firing squad.

The killing of these detested couple stopped a period of iron-fisted administration, which was a period of oppression, and suffering for many Romanians.

The case of Nicolae Ceausescu, and his wife, Elena Ceausescu, was a brief session that took place on the 25th of December 1989, by a special military court, a court-martial was speedily created without any formality, through the petition of a group that was formed.

It turns out to be guilty judgments, and death penalties for Nicolae, the former President of Romania, and the General Secretary to a Communist Party in Romania, alongside Elena, his wife.

The major accusation was genocide, that is to say, killing more than 60,000 residents during a riot. Different sources said the number of people killed was between 689 to 1,200. However, the accusations did not have any effect on the case.

Nicolae's vicious political subjugation, the people of Romania suffered a continuous shortage of foods under the regime of Ceausescu, since he sent abroad most of the harvest of Romania.

He took fierce efforts to prevent the heavy debts of the country. The condition deteriorated, when he elected his wife as the first assistant prime minister.

The prosecution of Nicolae, and his wife was very short. It was nearly 1 hour. He maintained his stand by asserting that the court was not by the Romanian 1965 Constitution.

He argued that it was only the National Assembly that had the authority to remove him. He claimed that it was an orchestrated revolution.

He, and his wife were condemned on all charges and sentenced to death during a parade prosecution.

At a particular point, their lawyers, who were forced to defend them, left them, and united with their prosecutors, condemning them of a capital offence, rather than speaking to defend them.

Their death penalty was executed by a squad of soldiers who fired them.

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