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I Want To Go Back To Prison Because Life Here Is Very Difficult For Me To Handle- Man Laments

The Law of any nation is instituted to guide citizens, on how to be better humans and natives of that land. Punishment are also there, in case any one goes against the law. Most times, the punishment comes after the offender has been tried in a law court and sentenced to a period of time in prison or jail, as the case may be. These prisoners often look forward to the time of their release, so they can go home and reunite with their loved ones. But this scenario is not the case of a Nigerian man, Gambo Mohammed.

In an online video posted by BBC NEWS PIDGIN, Gambo Mohammed went to a wedding ceremony 20 years ago. During the course of the celebration, a fight erupted between Gambo Mohammed and another wedding guest. Gambo Mohammed did the unnecessary, by stabbing his opponent with a knife, which led to his death.

A court tried Gambo Mohammed and found him guilty of murder and he was sentenced to death. As luck may have it, his death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment, after he was seen to be of good behaviour. He became lucky again, as he was pardoned by the government and was released, because the prison was congested and the government tried to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Despite his release, Gambo Mohammed wants to return to prison, because he said that life outside the walls of the prison is too difficult for him to handle. He said during his stay in prison, he was fed well and given good drinking water, but he has struggled to eat, since he was released.

He revealed that upon his release, he was confused, as he didn't know the route to his house, but was guided by passers-by. When he reached his house, he discovered that his father had died and his siblings have sold off their house and waere nowhere to be found. He got lucky, as a kind hearted individual offered him a place to sleep, but since then, life have not been fair to him.

He tried looking for something to engage himself, but people keep on deceiving him with fake help promises. He said he plans on getting married, but the plan is on hold, because he is not yet financially stable. He revealed that he visits the grave of the person he killed to offer prayers for him. He appealed to people to help him so he can achieve something meaningful in life.

The video generated lots of comments from Facebook users, as they took to the comment section to air their honest views regarding his situation.

Watch the video:

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