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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Check Out These Funny Memes

I1) Orange caught stealing orange

2) At last Predator has been captured and arrested

3) i was at church enjoying the good news until i saw this

4) i can finally say that i have a body like Rambo

5) When you suspect to your lover is cheating on you

6) kids today won't know what these are

7) am still confused what was this guy mistake

8) School days Vs exam days

9) My girlfriend was telling me a story and she said, "For example let say you are handsome 🤣🤣🤣🤣

10) Doctor said i have one year to live, so i killed him and the judge gave me 25years

11) This man was caught in a mall stealing tins of sardines...see as the formation is just like suicide belt



14) Girls weak point

15) My clothes during the day Vs My clothes at 3am

16) When you looking at a group of girls and the ugly one blows you kiss


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Orange Predator Rambo


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