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"Not Everybody Fights You Because They Have An Issue With You, Some Do It Because Of This" - Reno

Fighting is one of the abilities every human are capable to perform, even though it's also a choice to make also. Before a fight can take place, there actually have to be something(s) that causes it, even though it is not compulsory for the reason to be tangible. Fights can leads to many things and that result can be bad or good. Some fight leads to injuries while some leads to death.

Following the scriptures and some motivational speakers' words, fighting is not a good thing to engage in, even if we're provokes to do so.

A Nigerian man who is popularly known as Reno Omokri recently took to his Twitter page to say something about Fighting. According to him, not everybody fights because they have an issue with the opponent, they do it because they have issues with themselves. And he further said that this kind of people are raised in chaos, and when there's peace, they're disturbed.

Rounding what Reno Omokri said up, he said peace is abnormal to these people and they create chaos to feel normal.

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Nigerian Reno Reno Omokri


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