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Lady Tells Twitter Users Not To DM Her Except They Want To Give Her Money

Love Of Money - Akwa Ibom Lady Tells Twitter Users Not To DM Her Except They Want To Give Her Money.

Money is good indeed and it is something that everyone would wish to have sufficiently. Nobody body wants to live a poor life or run an empty bank account because we all believe that when there's money, life becomes very enjoyable and problems get solved easily.

Even the scripture confirms that money is very important in human life as it is written in the scripture that money answereth all things. Yes this through, but at the same time, the scripture goes against finding money in a dishonest way or through fraud.

However, we all agree that everyone loves money but I have severally heard people saying women love money most, even more than men as they claim majority of them don't settle for anything that doesn't have to do with money.

Although before now, I never agreed that majority of women are money lovers until recently that I ran off on a lady's post on Twitter who asked Twitter users not to make attempt to DM her except such person is ready to offer her cool cash or grace her bank account with money.

This young lady's post has made me realize that indeed there are women who don't care for any relationship that has nothing to do with money or that would not bring money to their wallets.

This post was made by a young beautiful lady who claims to be an Akwa Ibom born lady according to her profile. The endowed Calabar lady is identified as Twitter handle 'Senani'.

Senani boldly and clearly wrote it in her Twitter handle page - "Don't DM me except you want to give money, I won't answer"

Thank you immediately for your time. What do you have to say about this beautiful Akwa Ibom Lady Who has denied broke or stingy people who are not willing to offer her money the access to her DM?

Would you love to send her money just to have access to her DM?

Drop your opinions below in the comments section. Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful day ahead!

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