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OPINION: Why It Would Be Foolish Of ESN To Build An Atomic Bomb On Nigerian Soil

Note: Everything written in this article is none other than my personal opinion; if you ever felt the need, you are free to criticize my work.

Not long ago, I and my friend argued over the Eastern Nigeria Security Network's ability and, according to my friend, he believes ESN can produce weapons of mass destruction such as the Nuclear Bomb.

I laughed now when he said this, but I did not leave it, I went back to do my research, and below I found the findings at the end of the day. 

And from the information I've got online, building a nuclear bomb isn't the job of a day. It takes a great deal of time, money and resources.

Furthermore, ESN is aware that the building of an atomic bomb would probably attract the Nigerian government to its operations base because of the very large volume of such weapons of mass destruction.

We can never say what may happen tomorrow, however, but whatever happens, let's go over our I, dot our Ts and hope in the best.

Do you think that ESN can build an Atomic Bomb? What are your thoughts on this article, let's discuss your comments in the comment section. 

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