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5 Security Advice From The Man Who Lured His Helper To Kidnappers in The Forest

A 36-year-old suspect, Haliru, was recently paraded for luring his financial helper, Binta, to a forest where he handed her over to kidnappers. Police spokesperson, Frank Mba, narrated Binta's story, and it revealed 4 points vital to the security and safety of every Nigerian.

The ordeal of a 48-year-old victim, Binta, was narrated during the recent parade of suspects by the Nigerian Police Force in Abuja. Binta's story revealed how the victim was deceived by her cousin after Binta provided financial assistance for him through a loan. Binta's ordeal carries a lot of lessons for Nigerians, especially those who excessively trust their loved ones.

Be security conscious around anybody, especially those close to you. It is no news that people often let their guards down around their loved ones and family members. Binta trusted Haliru with her money and probably her life too, but that did not go well for her. It was out of trust that Binta followed Haliru out of Zaria into the forest, where Haliru handed her to kidnappers. One should not underestimate anyone when it comes to security concerns. Over time, confessions by suspects have often revealed that the easiest way to a victim is through people familiar with the victims.

Pay attention to the friends and company kept by your loved ones. In some cases, unfortunate events may have been avoided if the victim was conscious of the type of company their loved ones entertained. Haliru confessed at the parade that the kidnapper he handed over his cousin to was his friend. Haliru knew his friend had a history of working as a kidnapper, and he took advantage of the situation.

Be careful when following people to places, inform other people if you have to. Haliru had told Binta that they were going somewhere to collect money, and she trusted him. Perhaps, the victim could have avoided the incident if she had informed few people about her journey with Haliru. Also, we should be safety conscious when following people to unknown places.

Grant loans to people within a formal arrangement, even to loved ones. Perhaps due to their familiarity, Binta gave the loan to Haliru in an informal manner. If there had been a more formal arrangement of loan disbursement, Haliru could have had a second thought before harming his cousin, as he would have been a suspect in the case. Haliru confessed that he lured Binta to kidnappers because he could not pay the loan as agreed.

Act fast when your security is at stake. Frank Mba revealed that Binta reached out to the IRT on the phone after escaping from the first gang of kidnappers. The phone call she quickly placed to IRT assisted security officers in rescuing Binta from her abductors.

Content created and supplied by: Adegorioye (via Opera News )

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