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House Wife Counts $2,750 From Piggy Bank

Many people have taken to social media to express how the piggy bank, locally known or referred to in Yoruba as "Kolo" has helped many people develop the culture of saving money over a certain period of time. Usually, some people begins the savings into the piggy bank from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, and afterwards begin to count in other to know how much they have saved and on how they would judiciously use the money to their betterment and benefits.

Some have shared shocking experiences of how the money they have saved in the piggy bank, suddenly developed wings and flew away while some others have recorded successful experiences and even encouraged people to start saving, gave a statistical analysis on what they should expect at the end of the year, if they saved a particular denomination over a period of time.

In a trending video I stumbled on today March 18,2021 is that of a woman whose face is concealed in the video, breaking up a piggy bank box to see how much she's been able to save for a month she alleged to have started saving the money she's been stealing from her husband, she claimed hided all his Naira notes but left hard currencies like the dollars, thinking she wouldn't have need of them but forgetting the fact that bureau de' change abounds everywhere in the country.

The woman who sounded Igbo in her speech says, she began stealing the dollars from her husband's wallet anytime he left it where she was. In the piggy bank where she had just two denominations $50 and $100 respectively, after breaking the piggy bank, she counted $2,750.00 in one month and if we are to converted to Naira with dollar at N460, the total amount in naira would now be N1,265,000 (One Million, Two Hundred And Sixty-Five Thousand Naira).

What do you think her husband would do, if he finds out what she has done?

Watch the video here

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