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Road Accident

Reactions As Electric Pole Falls On Lexus Jeep, Checkout How It Damaged The Car

We are gradually entering raining season and as such, heavy rain might start falling every day destroying people's properties.

As of last week, a very heavy rain fell in Obinze, Owerri to the extent that it pulled over the roof of a filling station. Not just that, unclear reports says some lives were lost due to the rain that fell.

The new issue on ground is that an electric pole (NEPA pole) fell and destroyed a Lexus Jeep which was parked a few feet away from the pole. This incident happened somewhere in Delta state.

The matter is going to be complicated as the owner of the vehicle does not know who to hold responsible. As it stands, the Electric Pole is from NEPA while the community is responsible for the placement of the pole.

As people gathered to figure out what to do at the scene, our online advisers came to share their opinion on the next step the owner of the car should take.

Below are suggestions from our online advisers on Facebook;

Reading through their suggestions, some said the owner of the car should hold NEPA responsible for the damages, some said the owner of the car village people visited him so he/she should do what is necessary and apologize to his/her village people.

Another person suggested that the owner of the car should sell the electric pole then use the money to fix the car.

Another person suggested the car owner should charge NEPA to court hopefully they fix the damages. While others thanked God that no life was lost and not so many damages were made.

Now the owner of the Lexus Jeep has acquired miscellaneous expenses. Hopefully, the community people assist the car owner to get the vehicle fully repaired.

What do you think the car owner should do? Your opinions are welcomed in the comments section.

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