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The Train System In China That Passes Through The Interior Of A Residential Building

Mankind has devised several innovative and incredible ways of managing space in the absence of it. From the building of skyscrapers to the construction of underground railway tracks and stations, humans have come a long way in these endeavours.

There is a monorail system that exists in the Chinese city of Chingqing. What is unique about this particular train system is the fact that it passes or cuts through a tall residential building. In fact, a train station known as "liziba station" is located on the 8th floor of the building.

It was said that the space-saving design was inspired by the need to conserve space on the ground level while providing a convenient means of transportation for the people. This insight led engineers to first build the apartment. Later on, they added the monorail tracks and a train station in the building. This became a convenient way for residents to leave the city without leaving their apartment building.

Surprisingly, the train system does not emit too much noise capable of disturbing the apartment residents. This is because the train was designed to be quiet and pollution-free. For starters, its wheels are made of rubber and its suspension is air-based. This eliminates the creaking sounds that normal trains make. In addition, the rubber wheels ensure that the train does not tremble its rail thereby constituting added noise and vibrations to the residents of the building.

The unique design of the monorail and the liziba train station attracts a lot of tourists into the city of Chongqing which contains an estimated population of 8.5 million people. Some of these tourists want to see how it feels to be on the train while approaching the interior of the apartment at full speed. Some of these tourists claim that the experience was scary but satisfying.

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