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Health hazard of generator fume

It’s no longer a news that generator fume is one enemy of man and living things

the fume contains carbon monoxide (CO)a poisonous ,invisible ,colorless , odorless and tasteless gas

carbon monoxide (CO) can kill a human in as small as 5 minute if the level of fume inhaled is high ,while inhaled replaces oxygen in the tissue ,

aside the noise and pollution it emits ,health experts says generator fume is deadly and should be avoided

when a person inhales carbon monoxide (CO) it’s possible to experience the following signs

HEADACHE ,DIZZINESS, NAUSEA and sometimes CONFUSION, these symptoms are most times tied to over abusive of alcohol.

this explains the problems of people who sleep with their generator on without waking up the next morning has become more frightening

Did you know that when a human is exposed to a level of carbon monoxide (CO)over a period of time ; he or she is at risk of a heart disease ,in as much as this problem needs urgent and quick responses

public awareness should be created through the right authorities on the danger of generator fume

tha general public should be educated on the dangers and safety measures of using generator , the safety of the public on the use of generator is the work of the health and environment authorities on both state and federal levels by so doing more lives will be saved from he cold hands of a painful but cheap death .the misuse of generators leads to the death from carbon monoxide (CO)poisoning

the biggest challenge according to reports from the CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION is (CO) is poisonous

according to safety guidelines from the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH , data collected from 2005 to 2017 shows that more than 900 people have died of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning with the use of generator.

below are the measures and safety guidelines I suggest to reduce the risk of (CO) poisoning

*Do not use the generator indoors or in an enclosed place ; eg running a generator in a garage or basement .

*Always use your generator at least 20feet away from the house .

*Make sure to direct exhaust away from your house and away from human gatherings

Article written by : NNAJIAKU SHEDRACK UDOKA



Content created and supplied by: Shedracknnaj_ (via Opera News )



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