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Oyenusi - The Notorious Armed Robber Who Had Escaped "Kiri Kiri" Prison Twice Before He Was Executed

History has shown that the Nigerian security agencies have proven to be effective in fighting criminality in the society. Many notorious criminals whom people thought were invincible, have been neutralized.

The story of Ishola Oyenusi, known as Dr. Ishola, is a great proof that no criminal can escape the "long hands of the law."

[Photo: Notorious Ishola Oyenusi captured /Credit: Punch Newspaper]

Oyenusi was one of the most dreaded armed robbers in Nigeria. He terrorised residents of Lagos and its neighboring states in the early 1970s. The infamous criminal us responsible for carjackings, bank robbery and the extortion of motorists during traffic hold-up.

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At the early stage of his criminal activities, residents believed Ishola Oyenusi would never be arrested because he had local charms. One of the deadly attacks carried by Dr. Ishola was the invasion of a factory in Ikeja, where he killed the policeman on guard and whisked away £28,000.

In May, 1967, Oyenusi and his gang members robbed First Bank of Nigeria, formerly known as Standard Bank of West Africa in Lagos State.

[Image Credit: Dreamstime]

The "reign of terror" by Oyenusi came to an end on August 27, 1971, when he was captured by operatives of the Nigerian Police Force at West Africa Household Utilities Manufacturing Company (WAHUM). He was nabbed as he tried to rob a sum 200,000 Naira .

"Oyenusi's Prison Escape"

Prior to the final arrest and execution of Dr. Ishola Oyenusi, the notorious criminal had escaped prisons twice while serving term for his crimes. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail for armed robbery at Oshodi Magistrate Court in 1967. However, Doctor Ishola managed to escaped the prison before completing his jail term.

He was rearrested and tried at Apapa Magistrate Court where he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The notorious criminal also escaped.

For the third time, Oyenusi, who was detained at Jos Prison, escaped from captivity. This made the military government sentenced him to death by firing squad on August 26, 1971.

The armed robber and six of his gang members were shot dead by the firing squad at Bar Beach, Lagos State. Ishola Oyenusi smiling during the execution became a topic of discussion.

[Image Credit: Independent Newspaper]

Abubakar Tsav, who was the Deputy Superintendent of Police during the reign of Oyenusi disclosed, in an interview with the PUNCH, that Oyenusi boasted that bullets could not penetrate him. Contrary to his claims, he was executed alongside his accomplices.

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