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Npower Volunteers Should Disregard Text Message Of This Kind

Nowadays, Much news about the Npower program Gazetted on social media are somewhat fake, text messages are being sent here and there just to deceive and defraud Npower volunteers of Their belongings. This text message below is a replica of fake information regarding the Npower program.

Regarding of the above fake text messages sent to Npower batch C applicants, its obvious the content of the message looked very suspicious and fake. The message was deliberately constructed to lure the recipient into a bait and probably obtained his person banking information that could provide access of defrauding him.

There has been proliferation of information about NEXIT and NASIMS on social media and blog's this day's, information that has nothing to do with online test and exit package has been bombarded on the internet. Fake online text question for batch C applicants are Just numerous to mention. Fake Bloggers aiming to attract clickbaits has become so mindless about the dangers offs spreading fake news. This is wickedness and man's inhumanity to man.

However, its very imperative that Npower Batch A, B and C volunteers be well guided against unscrupulous elements that are hellbent spreading fake information. Most Online information about Npower program are fake and need not be believed or responded to. Seek authentic information from Npower verified social media outlets like @npower_ng or risk being defrauded.

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