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VIDEO: Man who was rumoured to be dead wakes up in hospital, parades streets for awareness

Death is a phenomenon that occurs to every man, happening on daily basis with no regard to social status, gender, religious beliefs, personal principle, health status or even spiritual abilities. Yet, despite knowing that everyone is entitled to this omen someday, it is still being greatly feared to the extent that people reject its insinuation at every possible opportunity.

Although it is such natural phenomenon, no one takes it lightly when death hovers around them or when rumoured dead.

To this respect, popular MC and public announcer, Mr. Aiza Nwosu from Awka in Anambra State has put up a rather drama-like scene to create public awareness following rumour that he is dead.

The source of the rumour is not far fetched as he was involved in a ghastly accident which left him unconscious for days, leaving people to believe that he has died. The rumour went round, affecting his reputation and business and as well having people sympathize with family members on his demise.

To the glory of God, Aiza woke up from his unconsciousness and even to his own greatest surprise was wondering where he was and why people were thanking God all over and around him. Voices in the video were telling him that his hands are clean and that God has performed wonders on his head.

Check pictures of his revival in the hospital.

Click here to watch video of when he woke up from his unconsciousness.

After he was discharged, he took to the streets of Awka to let people know that he did not die. He did this by printing a poster with his bold picture and wrote clearly on it "UNDERTAKED, AIZA NWOSU IS AWAKE".

While his motorcade moved around different streets, he sat on top of the car so people can see with their eyes that he is truly alive.

Information Source: Instagram @lindaikejisblogofficial

This is also to help spread the awareness that Aiza Nwosu is alive and awake. Please share.

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