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Disease prevention and treatment

Effects of drug abuse to the body

A drug is a chemical substance use in the treatment,cure,prevention or diagnosis of a disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being.

On the other hand drug which is meant to prevent man from disease is been abused because many people depends on them to escape the hardship, forget the hunger or calm the pain in their daily lives.

Drug abuse is the over use or misuse of drugs.

List of commonly abused drugs

Some of these drugs can be swallowed, injected,smoked, chewed or sniffed.

Cocaine: Cocaine which is also naked named crack,snow,rock or coke,it the most illegal used drugs in our society and the common of all second to marijuana.

Marijuana: It is widely used by young people,it is called,Igbo,weed,Mary Jane,S.K,Clark etc. It is of plant extract.

Heroin: It is derived from morphine a derivative of opium,heroin is an active painkiller. It is injected into the body and its reaction is quick.

Codeine: Codeine is another derivative of opium but not as powerful as heroin,it is called different name like slow, it is used in the treatment of cough one more reasons many cough syrups are bought by boys in the street because it depresses the part of the nervous system that control the cough reflex.

Tramadol: Tramadol although now illegal,popularly called trams,it is an analgesic use in the treatment of pain and muscle aching is commonly abused as its effects bring about drowsiness.

Rohypnol: Commonly called refnol in the street is the drug that causes blue tongue among youths,it is also called rape drug because after it use the victim forget everything that happens.

Glue or Gum: Glue,gum,paint thinner,shoe polish,gasoline(fuel) are also sniffed by young people. Other substances that are also abused are alcohol, tobacco and kolanut.

Effects of drug abuse

Drug alter the mental,physical, psychological and emotional well-being of individuals.

Drugs causes a lot of damage to the human organs like lung cancer,kidney failure,kidney stone,liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and brain damages etc.

Curbing the menace of drug abuse

 All hands most be on deck to curb the menace,families, schools and health workers should work together and parents should try and know the kind of friends their children keeps.

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