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"I'm Not A Member Of The PDP But You Have No Right To Abuse The President" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The renown Nigerian Televangelist and Founder of Christ Embassy Int'l Ministry, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome call on Christians to stop abusing the President, during his sermon "How To Live A Christian Life."

Here is the EXCERPT of everything Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said in the video:

"This is a Christian life, you're not made for yourself. With no aid or support God can bless you so much. You don't need somebody to try to give to you before you get up and to become what you want to be, God opens door for you. How many of you believe in God's blessing? Speak blessings to people not just to yourself and you will enjoy the blessings of God. Talk blessing, see life positively, look beyond the ordinary life, don't be a man who is always complaining about the government. The government is not your God. Are you hearing me? You know a lot of people they spend the whole day at work, talking about the president. They're are angry with the president. They're calling him all kind of names. They say, don't mind him, he has spoiled the country.

The president of the federal republic of Nigeria, you have no right to abuse him. I'm telling you that, though I'm not a member of the PDP but you have no right to abuse the president. I'm just showing you God's way of prosperity. In Ecclesiastes7v10, for those of you who are saying, in the olden days things are better, do you know what God is saying, He says, "Shut up, stop saying the olden days are better than this, you're not thinking right." Why am I telling you this? Prosperity is your birthright. You deserve to live a good life, a healthy life. The complainers don't have a healthy life. When you complain and complain, it produces sickness in your body. Complainers don't know how to laugh and be happy. Their faces have angers and wrinkles because worry wrinkles. You see, don't be a complainer, be a happy person. Don't wish for the days that are pass because they will never come again, be hopeful about tomorrow and enjoy the moment."

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