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Meet The 26-Year-Old Trapped Inside A Baby's Body

Manpreet Singh is a 26 year old Indian. One year after being born, his growth stopped. Before he could walk and talk, he stopped growing. He was born in 1995. He stands at just 23 inches in height, and his condition has always been a mystery to medical professionals. Nobody has been able to find a remedy or treatment for it. Whatever condition that Manpreet has, his parents still love and accept him.

Manpreet's parents tried to sort medical professionals to help but doctors were unable to identify what was causing the growth defect. His parents said they have consulted more than 100 doctors but none had a solution, and all the mediation had no effect on Manpreet. The disease has continued to be a mystery to professionals.

Doctors believe the growth defect is due to a hormone deficiency but they are unable to identify exactly what, without an expensive medical investigation that the family is unable to afford. Manpreet will have an appearance and mental age of a toddler for the rest of his life, yet there are people in the village who see him as a blessing from God. People in the village consider Manpreet as an incarnation of God and call him "Baba", while some other people say he's a dwarf or something such.

Despite Manpreet's condition, his parents vowed to allow him live a normal life as much as possible. Manpreet behaves like a child and likes all these children's games. His parents said that in whatever condition Manpreet is, God made him and sent him to them. So they consider him as their son and love him like they love the other children. Manpreet is taken care of 24/7 by his parents and lives with them, along with his brother and sister. Despite his differences, he is loved unconditionally and lives a happy life surrounded by his family.

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